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    Benefits to learning math online with Educo Learning Center (ELC)...


    Convenience: ELC math resources can be accessed anytime, from anywhere, with an internet connection, making [...] Read more

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    Importance of Diagnostic Test


    If you are thinking about how to start helping your child learn Math, a Diagnostic test would be the best pla [...] Read more

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    Tutorials, a powerful learning tool for students


    In the past decade, teachers have used their digital notes or PowerPoint presentations to teach in the classr [...] Read more

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    Practice Makes Perfect


    Ask any teacher or coach, and you are told that becoming an expert requires practice, practice, and more prac [...] Read more

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    How can a parent help their child learn math?


    Start early: Introduce math concepts and problem-solving skills to your child at a young age.  This can [...] Read more

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    Pre-requisite Math Skills


    Math education progresses from kindergarten to calculus by building upon foundational concepts and skills at [...] Read more

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    Foundation Skills for Grade 1 Math


    The foundational skills for grade 1 math include: Number recognition and counting: Students should be abl [...] Read more

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    Foundational skills for Grade 2 Math.


    The foundational skills for grade 2 math include: Number sense and place value: Students should have a st [...] Read more

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    Foundational skills for Grade 3 Math


    In grade 3, students typically build upon the math skills they learned in previous grades, such as counting, [...] Read more