Foundational skills for Grade 4 Math.

Foundational skills for Grade 4 Math

Foundational skills for Grade 4 Math.


In grade 4, students continue to build upon the math skills they learned in previous grades, while also being introduced to more advanced concepts. Here are some of the foundational Common Core math skills that students in grade 4 are expected to master:

  1. Use the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to solve problems involving whole numbers.
  2. Understand and use equivalent fractions, compare fractions, and add and subtract fractions with like denominators.
  3. Understand and use decimals to represent tenths and hundredths, and compare decimals.
  4. Solve problems involving measurement and conversion of units within the same system of measurement.
  5. Represent and interpret data using line plots, line graphs, and bar graphs.
  6. Understand the concept of angles and measure angles using a protractor.
  7. Use place value understanding and properties of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic.
  8. Use the distributive property to solve multiplication problems.
  9. Find the area and perimeter of rectangular shapes and composite figures.
  10. Identify factors and multiples and find all factor pairs for a whole number.

These foundational math skills are important for building a strong mathematical foundation and preparing students for the more complex math concepts they will encounter in later grades

ELC provides detailed “I can do” statements and infographics for 4th  grade, a valuable resource for parents, students, and teachers.  Fourth grade infographics are aligned with Common Core State Standards and help parents and teachers understand what students should know and be able to do at fourth grade. 

To view the grade 4 “I Can Do” statements, please click here or to download in pdf format, click on download

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